Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Free Beer!!

I did it! 110 running miles in December (114 actually). Now it's time for me to put up my end of the bargain - FREE BEER!! To commemorate the mileage and all of the support that the #PushMike campaign garnered, I'm buying at least $110 worth of beer (and soda) from the best place to buy beer in Milwaukee - Blatz Market & Liquor (http://blatzliquor.com/). Please join me at the Blatz Condominiums' party room (just a few steps from Blatz Market & Liquor off the condo's main lobby) on Saturday, January 23rd at 7 o'clock. I'm going to mix it up with an easy drinking domestic (probably Lite) and a good mix of locally brewed craft beers. Come early for the good stuff! I'll have some soda available too. Once it's gone,  who knows?!?

If you can, please RSVP at http://twtvite.com/ol64sh. See you there!!

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