Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Twitter Birthday

You know, it used to be that as you aged, there was less to look forward to on your birthday. And then twitter came along...

Even though the messages are simple, taken together, it made for a touching and very nice birthday present. Thank you all. I will toast each and every one of you tonight with a shot of tequila!

Sp0on @themosey Gah! It was @MRC58's birthday yesterday? I keep missing stuffs by not being on teh Twitterz! Happy Belated Birthday, Mike!
Rlwegner @MRC58 Is it 23:59 yet? If that pretzel-rolled brat didn't kill you, enjoy that last minute of your birthday.
ToddBrink @MRC58 Have a great 25 minutes left of your bday Mike!
krittabug @MRC58 omg HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!111!!!(one)11!!!!! :-)
mitch_j @mrc58 waiting till the 11th hour is kinda my thing. Happy Bday
ejbenjamin Happy birthday @MRC58! Sounds like you had a good one.
SarahHorvat RT @MRC58: Having a birthday on twitter is like Christmas. Only, it's totally different.~NO SOUP FOR YOU!! HAPPY BDAY!
sarandipity @MRC58 heyyyyyoohhhh! Happy Birthday to one of my fav-o-rite tweeps!!!! :)
jims1973 Well I guess I can't wait much longer to wish @MRC58 a happy birthday!! Happy Birthday Mike!! #FashionablyLate :)
DigidivaIsh Happy Birthday @MRC58 :) Hope the day has been treating you well! :)
keekerton Happy Birfday again @mrc58 ;) hope you and @kbctourcompany are having fun getting Blitzened ;)
Mserita @MRC58 I wanted to wait until the end of the day when the wishes started dying down....HaPpY bIrThDaY!!! Hope it was great:)
andyfrahm @MRC58 guess I'm a little late to the party... Happi Birthdae! Hope you got your Lederhosen on tonight!
mattjac Happy Bday Mike! May your beer be plentiful & of the highest quality.
steffeck @MRC58 Hey! Happy Birthday! You're two years younger than me, but I think I remember what it felt like to turn 29.
jeffmke When you move away from your family, it's great have someone like a brother to share music, beer, and laughs with. Happy B-day @MRC58!
MelissaSherman @MRC58 Happy Birthday!
Frankerin @MRC58 Happy Birthday!
KateBarrie Happy burpday @MRC58 !!!
chris_brink Happy Birthday, Mike. I hope it's a tremendous day and that sort of thing carries into the next year!
MeriFrahm Wait, it's @MRC58's birthday?! Bring on the beer! :) Happy Birthday!!
Milweb1 @MRC58 Happy Bday! What embarrassing image am I blowing up? @SaraSantiago
Stevejagler Hey happy birthday Mike!
mke_brunch Happy Birthday, @MRC58!
SaraSantiago Happy Birthday to one of my favorite human beings: @MRC58!!!
Mike_Thiel @MRC58 I think @blatzliquor owes u a dark lord as a gift.
Sluggirl @MRC58 Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a great day!
RocLobster @MRC58 Happy birthday!!!! Hope it's a great day:)
cjrahr  Happy birthday @MRC58!!!!!1111!!!one!!111!!!!!!!!
BlatzLiquor @MRC58 lol OK I get it
themosey I am sure @MRC58 is delighted that he shares a birthday with Hugo Chavez.
MKEmxp @MRC58 Happy Birthday. I was wondering what the number in your twitter name was for. :)
Keekerton @MRC58 ahhh touche :) I tried to hire Tony Danza to give you a BIG ASS birthday hug but he was stuck in a box :) @kbctourcompany
AJBombers @MRC58 Hey Mike, so, it's your Birthday? Hmmm.....what to get for the man with everything. -->> - Happy Bday :)
jungbow Happy birthday @MRC58!!! :)
warrior2011 Happy birthday. @MRC58
kbctourcompany Happy Birthday @MRC58! What did you get me?
keekerton @MRC58 Meh, we really don't like you much, actually, your wife paid us all off to make you feel important :) @kbctourcompany #bday
BlatzLiquor @MRC58 heeeeeey happy birthday! What are you 32 now?
Brianpmaguire Happy 28th Birthday to one of my favorite "tweeps" - @MRC58 - are you getting @AJBombers for lunch?
Robyrd5  @MRC58 Truer words for never spoken. Enjoy your birthday as well! #coolkidsclub
WTMJohn @MRC58 happy birthday old boy
hawtwife @MRC58 Happy Birthday Mike! I'm guessing you might celebrate with a beer or two?
Tiffanyannweber Happy Day! RT @tinmakeup: Happy Birthday @MRC58! I hope @kbctourcompany didn't get on that whole spanking machine thing... ;)
tinmakeup Happy Birthday @MRC58! I hope @kbctourcompany didn't get on that whole spanking machine thing... ;)
im_X1 @MRC58 Have a great day, Mike. :)
neonmeg @MRC58 I'm seeing from other tweets that it's your bday today. Happy bday! Hope it's a great one :)
RickGriffin Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @MRC58
keekerton @MRC58 Happy Womb Travelling Day fella!!!!
mkayjay @MRC58 Happy Birthday!!
JimGehrke @MRC58 happy birthday. Is @kbctourcompany not having a voice, your birthday present? 8-P
triveragirl Tonight let's do BIRTHDAY BOY @MRC58 :) RT @RickGriffin: @triveragirl who do you think I should leave in charge tonight if not @ToddBrink ?
triveraguy @MRC58 Happy Birthday old man... yeah, I know pot/kettle, but still. Celebrate the fact that you're not as old as me. :)
jregan @MRC58 Happy birthday Mike!
angrae17 Happy Birthday @MRC58!!
Peterepublic Happy Birthday @MRC58....many happy returns......
amykant Happy happy birthday happy happy birthday @mrc58!
tsand @MRC58 #happybirthday
bullmeister @MRC58 Happy birthday! Now to spend the rest of the day avoiding @themosey's spankings.
mjburian Happy Birthday @MRC58!
AgustinSantiago RT @bananza: Happy Birthday @MRC58 ! ~ *raises coffee cup* Happy Birfday. Yes, I said birfday
tmgessner Happy Birthday to one of my very first Twitter friends: @MRC58! Have a great day!
larsma @MRC58 Happy Birthday Mike!!!
BtotheD @MRC58 A birth-happy day to you, sir!
Einley Happy Birthday @MRC58!! Hope you have a wonderful day!
HeyJo1 Happy birthday @MRC58. Hope you have a great day.
themosey @MRC58 You want I should wish you happy birthday now, or save it for when I am feeling more creative?
MeatPants@MRC58 Happy birth anniversary day!!!
bananza Happy Birtday @MRC58 !
lakeicychill @MRC58 Happy birthday!
ColinDeval @MRC58 Happy birthday to you. Sure I'll bump into/meet you at some point. A good week, mine bday is Saturday. #LiveItUp
avanhizzle @MRC58 Happy Birthday, friend!
LilMsSpiteful @MRC58 Happy Birthday
StacySnook @MRC58 (Excuse my horrible voice) Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Mike. Happy birthday to you! :)
flowersandfun Happy Birthday, @MRC58. Here's a birthday card we made just for you!
JaneSomers Happy birthday, @MRC58! It was fun to hear you play last night. You guys are great!
sawaboof Happy birthday,Mike!! @MRC58
im_X1 Happy Birthday, @MRC58!
Kcmeck @MRC58 Happy Birthday! July babies are the best.
Robyrd5 Thank you! :) RT @morganxclaire: It must be some hip new thing, being born on July 28th....Happy birthday @laurieosman, @mrc58 AND @robyrd5!
morganxclaire It must be some hip new thing, being born on July 28th. I want in on this... Happy birthday @laurieosman, @mrc58 AND @robyrd5!
blatzliquorjr  #bullshit RT @MRC58 @KatieFelten Thanks Katie. Not belated at all! As of 15 minutes ago, I'm now 28! :)
KatieFelten @bizymare hey Mare @mrc58 happy belated bday Mike
tapps @MRC58 congrats on another successful trip around the sun. :)
brianpmaguire @MRC58 happy birthday. At least you're not to old to wear a funny hat.
bizymare @MRC58 well happy birthday! I hope you turn another year older many more times!
WindLakeMusic @MRC58 Congrats... and, they say, another year wiser.
tinmakeup RT @kbctourcompany: It's @MRC58's birthday tomorrow. I should have set up a Spanking Machine Tweet-Up. Darn... **Still could be arranged!!
Tombetz Man, you keep going like the Energizer Bunny. Happy BDay Mike. #realgusto
ToddBrink Happay Bday Mike

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