Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cal Higdon's 3-Miles Per Week Training Program

Who is Cal Higdon, you ask? Well he is none other than the younger, chain-smoking, beer-swilling, and under-appreciated brother of the famed marathoner Hal Higdon (http://halhigdon.com/). Cal's instructing methods are revolutionary. I've maintained his traing regimen faithfully all summer to maintain an at-a-moment's notice preparation for any 5K run occurring 6 months from now. Cal teaches one the value of time management. For instance, by running 2 miles instead of 4, one gains X * the number of miles not ran ÷ average mile running pace of beer-drinking time (Math. Don't be intimidated - Cal makes it easy in his book using a 6-pack as an example). Cal's program has saved me from countless hours of running with his straightforward approach.

And it doesn't stop there. I credit Cal with taking my 9:30 per mile pace down to 4:57 with his unique technique. Reading it, you'll think, "Why didn't I think of that?!" Simply, at the start of your run, find a nice, fresh pile of dog mess, step in it, and try to outrun the stink. No duh, right?! I used this method regularly for an entire week and rapidly dropped 4 minutes off of my average pace. Who knows how fast I could have gotten if it wasn't for my wife throwing out my shoes. She thought my foot odor was too strong and storing them under the bed just wasn't appropriate. Women.

And on nutrition - the guy's a friggin' genius. I've ate the biggest, most satiating lunches ever since discovering his simple technique: eat a lunch so big that you cannot possibly lose it all during the evening's run. Added benefit: the lunch you don't lose will serve as a necessary base for a night's worth of drinking. By beer #7, you'll agree - Cal is The Man.

Now excuse me while I begin Chapter 10 - Lose the Popsicle Stick; How to Use a Foam Roller to Remove the Excess Head Off of Your Pint.

Look for Cal's book wherever fine bathroom reading materials are sold.

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