Sunday, January 23, 2011


Gameday, from Milwaukee's General Mitchell airport. January 23, 2011.

Today is a big deal in the life of a Packer fan - of which I have been since I was 8-years old. I was born in Milwaukee and lived there until my dad decided to move north to be closer to family and friends that lived in Michigan's Upper Penninsula. We settled in a tiny little town north of Green Bay about 35 miles. It was there where Packer fanaticism was irrevocably instilled into my blood. I could live in other cities and ultimately start rooting for their baseball or basketball teams, but never could I root for their football team - at least not if they were playing against the Packers!

Fast forward to today - the day of one of the biggest game in team history: the NFC Championship game against the lifelong rival Chicago Bears. I was put in a bit of a quandary when - near the last minute! - I was asked to report to work in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on Monday morning. Not a big deal at first, but then as I looked at my available flight options, it became clear that there were no flights to Nashville that wouldn't interfere with my viewing of the game. Except one: the dreaded 6 a.m. departure. So that's the one I opted for. If my travel plans go smoothly, after a short stop in Charlotte, I should be safely on the ground in Nashville by 10:30 a.m. I'll be left with plenty of time to find a good spot to watch the game.

You can really tell this is a unique day just from the people at the airport! As a frequent traveler, I usually cringe when I see a bunch of roly-poly Sconnies in another city all decked out in the their green and gold finest, but today is truly an exception. There are people all over this place sporting Packerwear and instead of being cringe-inducing, it's inspirational! I am pumped and a little embarrassed that I call myself a life-long fan, but I have no Packerwear to wear! Well I do, but it's got that obnoxious number 4 on the front and back which will someday look good one a large boy in Bangladesh, but that's another story.

So my plane is about to board and I'll be out of reach for a few hours until kick-off. Until then, tchuss and GO PACK GO!
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