Saturday, March 10, 2012

Don't Take It for Granted (RIP, Greg)

As I write this, I am coming off (I hope!) of four or five of the sickliest days of my life. In the past, if I fell ill, I would miss a day or maybe a day and a half of work. Last week I missed two and a half days and had it it not been for a Wednesday afternoon scheduled conference call, it would have been three. And Friday--a day that I came in--I was being entirely too optimistic that I had recovered. In truth, had my first day of illness been the way I felt on Friday, I would have stayed home that day too.

While I was ill, I thought, "Geez, when I am healthy I should be singing and smiling all the time. How glorious it would be if only I could be well!"

Funny that when we are healthy, our thoughts and desires often turn to other material wishes and desires. When what we should really be doing is reveling in the marvel that is our body, mind, and good health. When I am back to 100%, don't be surprised if I run up up to you on the street and yell, "Holy smokes! Would you look at me! I can talk, walk, eat, and see without any pain or suffering! I'm a friggin' marvel of nature, I am!"

We do take it all for granted, don't we? Maybe the flu is just God's way of reminding us that we could have it a lot worse.

Me and Greg at The Bomb Shelter
And if I needed any more reminders, I received a chilling one last evening -- a friend and the proprietor of the incomparable Milwaukee bar The Bomb Shelter died of a heart attack at 46. I did not know Greg Landig suffered from a weak heart, but I am told that he was aware of his condition. Maybe that's one of the reasons he chose to pursue the idea of opening a bar specializing in breweriana and the enjoyment of Milwaukee's favorite beverage. (I was at The Bomb Shelter just a little over a week ago. At that time, the bottled beer types topped 300!) He was just pursuing a dream while he had the chance.

If this post accomplishes anything, hopefully you, as a living, breathing sound human being will take a few moments to appreciate the gift that is your good health. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, think, and love.

You are fortunate. Very fortunate.

And if you are the suds-loving type, get yourself a fine craft brew and celebrate your healthy taste buds as you raise your glass to Greg. He would have wanted you to.

RIP, Greg. You will be missed.

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  1. Greg was an outstanding indiviual. The loss of one, such as him is going to take a long time to recover from.