Monday, December 10, 2012

You Know What Fish Do in a Fishbowl, Right?

Traveling, I'm always on the lookout for a unique place to dine and have an adult beverage. In Waco, Texas, I see this place called "Trojan Cork & Keg." By name alone it sounds like a place that I'd probably like. I mean, I like spirits aged in kegs and bottled with corks. However, a quick review of Yelp and I see "84oz fishbowl filled with the perfect blend of alcohol and mixers and blue in color to make it look like a real fishbowl!" and "My favorite, however, has to be their infusion shots."

Thank you, Yelp, for making my decision for me and guess what? Tonight I'll dine instead at the Holiday Inn Northwest Bar & Restaurant. I saw they had beers on draught, hamburgers and HDTVs. That's all this weary business traveler needs.

And I'm usually pretty adventurous guy, but I have no desire to have a drink that looks like a fishbowl nor do I ever care to try an infusion shot. Not today. Not ever.

Call me old fashioned.

Hey, an old fashioned. Now there's a tasty cocktail!

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