Sunday, February 3, 2013

Milwaukee Superheroes?

In the past week or so, we have seen some extreme weather in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One day we enjoyed an unseasonably warm 60 degrees and three days later it was -4.  And in between, a wide variety of precipitation and wind.

It was a meteorologist's dream week. Unless, of course, the meteorologist doesn't like driving in dangerous "wintry mix" conditions that they so often describe.

In the midst of all  this crazy weather, I've repeatedly spied a couple who appear completely undeterred in letting Old Man Winter hold them down. They amaze me. They ride their bikes (I'm assuming to work) in all kinds of weather.

Let me repeat: All. Kinds. Of. Weather.

This dynamic duo shares the same route that I take to work daily -- from somewhere in Wauwatosa or Western  Milwaukee down 44th St. to Selig Drive and then along the Hank Aaron Trail that parallels Canal Street.

To the right are a couple of shots I snapped of the pair as I saw them last week.The top picture was snapped while they rode east along the Hank Aaron Trail. The temperature? Minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

The bottom picture captures them riding on 44th St. in slippery slush and snow. It was also very windy at the time.

I have been able to take these pictures from my car safely, with no other traffic nearby and in broad daylight. but I've seen these two riding in nighttime snowstorms or rain where taking a camera phone picture would not only have been not safe, but generally not even possible.

A few years ago, Milwaukee's shirtless, make-believe hero "The Milverine" got a lot of press and social media attention, however, since then, I've noticed a good number of other Milwaukeeans could receive the same honor. They're not heroes necessarily, but they're folks steadfastly living life according to a firm set of closely held principles and beliefs. These two bikers certainly fit into that category. I admire their stick-to-itiveness and heartiness. In fact, so much so that if I ever learn who they are, I'll buy them a nice, cold beer.

Or at the very least, a rich cup of hot chocolate. I bet hot chocolate is more their style. ;)

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