Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nothing Like a Tall Cool Glass of Wing Sauce

Nearly every morning, on my way to work, I drive past this sign in front of Milwaukee's Harley Davidson Museum. The sign does its job well: it advertises a product, event or service and attracts potential customers. And me, being a lover of things both spicy and brewed, found this particular advertisement of interest.

Sriracha (aka "Rooster sauce")?  Check. I love that fiery red flame-thrower of a condiment. Known to make even a old shoe with cheese on it palatable. (For more on Rooster Sauce, visit The Oatmeal's hilarious blog.)

Stout? Not only my alma mater (as in UW-Stout), but one of my favorite combinations of barley, water, hops and yeast.

Mix 'em together and it's got to be a pretty tasty concoction, no?

So one night after work, I visited the bar and with intrigue, I ordered a Sriracha Stout.

The bartender looks at me and says "Do you want a dozen or half-dozen?"

"Whoa there Mr. Bartender," I say. "I appreciate your assessment of my ability to hold my beer, but I've got an automobile to drive home!"

In reply, he says "That's a wing sauce, sir. You ordered a condiment. Our Sriracha Stout wing sauce was the winner in this year's WingFest." (Judge's Choice: http://wing-fest.com/)

Duh. Do I feel stupid. But it's not my fault, right? I mean, you can see the sign -- does it say anything about wings?!

So I ordered a Booyah by Milwaukee Brewing Co. and was left only to ponder how delicious a Sriracha Stout would be.


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