Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mike Meets WordGirl and The Gruffalo

Halloween in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Despite the inclement weather, we had a pretty good turnout of ghouls, goblins, fireman, ball players, witches, princesses and PBS Kids characters that I've never heard of.

One such costumed character was WordGirl -- a superhero that vanquishes foes with her superhuman strength and colossal vocabulary. Her trick-or-treat partner was the not-so-feared mythical beast, The Gruffalo.

These two were about 3-years old, cute as buttons and were bred from the heartiest of stock -- they were trick-or-treating in the rain when kids twice their age fled the streets for the comfortable dry climes of their living rooms.

While The Gruffalo remained on the sidewalk, WordGirl approached our front door. Shyly she said, "Trick or Treat."

Loudly I said, "Welcome WordGirl and Happy Halloween!" I lowered the bowl filled with fun-size Snickers and little packages of Skittles and told her, "You're out here when all the other kids have gone home. I'm very impressed. Take two."
The Gruffalo

As she perused her selections, quietly I whispered, "Just kidding. Take 3."

WordGirl whispered back, "Thank you!" and looked at me with a sly smile.

As she made her way off our front stoop, the quiet and shy WordGirl hollered to The Gruffalo, "Hey, Gruffalo. You have to come to this house -- they let me take 3!!"

So funny. I'm just glad she didn't yell this out loud when the streets were full -- I would have had to run to the store to replenish our rapidly dwindling supply!

Happy Halloween, 2013!!

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