Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Beer Freezie Pop, Anyone?

Nineteen years.

That's how long a vintage, collector's 6-pack lasted in our garage.

A commemorative 6-pack brewed by Pabst to honor the 100th anniversary of the American Bowling Congress survived all these years in our garage until a certain Polar Vortex came along and plummeted Wauwatosa's temperature down to 20 below.

This morning, when I walked out to start up my car, I noticed a bottle of Armor All on the garage floor. "Hmm, I wonder how that got there?" I wondered. As I bent over to pick it up, there, under my car, was a can of Turtle Wax.

"What the heck? Damn raccoon!" I figured, but then I examined the cupboard that automotive ointments fell out of more closely.

Sure enough, there was the culprit ... a beer explosion!

I knew that leaving this 6'er outside for so long was a risk, but after previous cold winters, I got used to them persevering, so I never moved them into the basement.

Clean up ought to be relatively simple ... as long as I do it before Saturday, where temperatures are predicted to finally move above freezing.

This makes me worried, too, for the quarter keg of Fat Tire which is still in the kegerator. This thing could go off like a bomb!

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