Sunday, May 28, 2017

What's Got Mike Hacked Off Today?

In the current issue of 'What's Got Mike Hacked Off Today?' is Walgreens' Memorial Day television commercial. At the end of the advertisement, a sing-songy happy voice narrates, "We wish all of those who served a very happy Memorial Day!" (I'm paraphrasing and may be off a word or two, but that was pretty much it.)

What gets me is many people don't get Memorial Day and Walgreens' ad proves it magnificently. Memorial Day may be a National holiday and the unofficial kickoff to Summer -- hopefully we will spend it well and with our loved ones -- but it is actually a somber day; a day to reflect in memoriam at those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country: their lives.

Memorial Day should be a lot of things -- reflective, appreciative, thankful, honorable, respectful, enjoyable, etc. -- but happy? I don't know. Walgreens' wish for happiness runs askew of the reason for the holiday. It's disaffected corporate advertising prattle, but I know it also reflects many's misunderstanding of the holiday.

The millions of honorable men and women that serve and have served deserve our recognition and gratitude every. single. day. Their service to our country is a tough and noble task and one that many of us elected not to pursue. We are all indebted to their patriotic service and we should be thankful for them always and not just on their holidays: Veterans Day and Armed Forces Day.

But please take a moment tomorrow to think of our service members who have fallen in service to our country. If you've been fortunate to never had lost a family member during service, think of those who have. And if you have, please know that you have my highest gratitude for the sacrifice you have borne.

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