Monday, July 3, 2017

Summerfest Day Five Recap

For the first time ever that I can remember, we were inline to enter the grounds before 12:00. Why? My friend, Tracy, was playing the drums for Heather LaNasa who was playing at The Ground Floor Stage starting at noon. We had plans for later in the day and knew that if I was going to get my self-imposed mandatory hour in, it would have to be early.

Hanging with Tracy before she plays
The lines to enter at the mid gate were long, so we took a local's knowledge and walked to the north entry gate figuring the queue there would be shorter. We were right -- they were much shorter. We were on the grounds at 12:02. By 12:05 we were at the Ground Floor Stage where we chatted with Tracy a bit before they began to perform. Even though they were supposed to start at noon, a few minutes are permitted to allow Summerfest's patrons a few moments to get through the gates and find their way to the stage.

At the performance's beginning, the weather was glorious. There were blues skies swirled with white clouds and the temp's were near 80. However, a dark blue-gray cloud to the north threatened. Sure enough, about five songs into Heather's set a cold gust of air blasted the stage from the north nearly knocking over one of Tracy's cymbal stands. Only moments later, torrential rains fell terminating the show. We dashed into the Johnson Controls World Sound Stage to take shelter.

Oh oh. 
Here's where things got peculiar.

When I got dressed in the morning, I threw on my Seasaw t-shirt. Seasaw is a Folk-Pop duo from Madison. We discovered them at Mile of Music 3 and I saw them again at last year's Fringe Fest in Milwaukee. At that fest, I bought the t-shirt and met Eve of the band (Meg's the other member). When we ran for shelter under the Johnson Controls World Sound Stage's roof, who was the band performing? You guessed it... Seasaw! I thought that it was my fate to see Seasaw that day. 1) Put on Seasaw t-shirt. 2) Get to the Henry Maier Festival Park at noon. 3) Have a wicked storm roll through forcing us to take cover under roof at the Johnson Controls World Sound Stage where Seasaw was performing. By the way, I did not know they were playing Summerfest when I got dressed in the morning. In fact, I never even looked at the schedule.

With Eve of Seasaw in my Seasaw tee
By the time Seasaw's set ended the skies had cleared up to the extent that the rain was no longer falling. We went for a walk southward and caught 33RPM -- a local cover band that absolutely nails songs by Heart. They were fun to see.

Ms. Independence Day
Walking around we ran into the most spirited woman who was fully decked out in her 4th of July costume. I loved her spirit and, particularly, the little Summerfest logo dyed into her hair.

We departed the park by 2:30. Even though our visit was short it was eventful and memorable.

Finally today, Monday, July 3rd, is a day off. Summerfest's gates will not open until Independence Day at noon and I'm ready for this break, but I'm also looking forward to the remaining six days. Let's go!

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