Sunday, August 6, 2023

Mile of Music 10 - Day Four

Tyler Sj. at Fox River House

Sleepy Goucho at McFleshman's. 

Sleepy Neala at Sleepy Goucho at McFleshman's. 

Lilli Lewis at Spats.

Precious Metals for the second day in a row. They are so much fun. 

Walden at Houdini Plaza.

Our nephews came to visit too!

Home now and exhausted. Would love to do it all over again. Time to start planning for Mile 11!

Mile of Music 10 - Day Three

The Milbillies at Fox River House

She Returns from War at Fox River House

Listening Party at OB's

Valley Fox at OB's

Precious Metals at Spat's

Some of these folks have made it to all ten Miles!

Beth Bombara at Appleton Beer Factory

Tae & the Neighborly at D2

Brothers Footman at Riverside Bar & Grill

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Mile of Music 10 - Day Two

Sam Ness Band at Fox River House

South Rail at Fox River House

Wonky Tonk featuring Wiggly Shadows at McFleshman's Brewing

Now it's Mile of Music when I see these two!

Volk at The Bent Keg

Horace Greene at Chadwick's

The Thing at Chadwick's - Highly Recommended

Claire Kelly at The Lawrence Chapel

Newski at Lawrence Lawn

Sway Wild at Gibson

Beth Bombara at Gibson

Day Three starts now. Let's go!