Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best Monday Night Ever!

Anybody who knows me knows my last couple of Mondays haven't been the best, however, this Monday's night was one of my favorite evenings ever. I am trying to refrain from being over-the-top, but I really think it was. For tonight I had the opportunity to watch and listen to a fabulous songwriter/musician in the comfort of a living room. It wasn't my living room, but it was in friends' beautiful Wauwatosa home. Also got to share the experience with a bunch of new acquaintances and friends.

The musician? Strand of Oaks [or Timothy Showalter]. Tim writes simple, yet beautiful melodies and performs them with transfixing guitar work and fronts them with strong vocals. Together, in the intimacy of a candlelit living room, it was pure magic. Credit for promoting and bringing Strand of Oaks to Milwaukee goes to Ryan Matteson and Anthony Van Hart - some of the early Milwaukee believers in Strand of Oaks' powerful music. Strand of Oaks' next stop is SXSW in Austin, Texas - where I'm certain people are going to stand up take notice.

I also have to give a big thanks to many great new friends that contributed to this wonderful evening: C.J. #1, C.J. #2, Alicia Hanson, Rochelle Van Hart, Julie German, Eric Benjamin, and many others.

Now back to the man who contributed the most to this magical night: Timothy Showalter. My favorite song - among his many good ones - is 'End in Flames'. He performs it beautifully in this YouTube video. Watch and enjoy!

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