Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Music Overload

It seems like every December I say, "Man. I can't believe it's Christmas season already. I'm totally unready
for this." Last-minute shopping notwithstanding, the other thing that I don't do until too late is listen to Christmas music.

This year, however, was the exact opposite.

I think I was spinning Christmas tunes about one week before Thanksgiving. Unprecedented for me.

So by now, as I write this, let me tell you: I have had my fill of Christmas music in 2013! I've listened to it all this year: classics, rockabilly, country, contemporary and polka. All, and unequivocally, no matter the style, I'm done. No more Christmas music! If I don't hear it again for another 11 months, that will be just fine by me.

Now it's time for some Def Leppard or something. Anything to get these ringing bells out of my head...

Metallica in Antarctica ought to do the trick. It's about as far away from the North Pole as one can get. Plus it's only the second concert to have ever been played on the polar continent!

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