Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thank You, RadioMilwaukee

There was a time when I swore I'd leave the city of Milwaukee. Not because of our brutal winters. Not because of our lousy teams (looking at you, '90s Brewers). Not because of a terrible inner city violent crime rate (hey, all cities have this; we gotta figure this one out together). But because the radio stations populating our airwaves in the final decade of last century catered to the dependable but unadventurous masses.

The stations didn't reflect me or my interests. They didn't reflect risk-taking. They didn't reflect the city Milwaukee was to blossom into -- a progressive city willing to step out of the shadow of Chicago and become its own thing (again).

Then along came 88Nine RadioMilwaukee and saved the day. Just take a look at their 25 most spun songs of 2013. It's great. Oh sure, I don't love every song listed here, but Little Green Cars, McCartney, Jake Bugg, The National, Beck, and City and Colour are some of my favorites. It's not always about liking every song -- it's about being exposed to something new. Also, though only one local band made this list (Volcano Choir), they play "Milwaukee Music" like Vic and Gab's fun new album. Stuff you wouldn't hear anywhere else.

I am very grateful RadioMilwaukee is now on my FM dial, 'cause I really didn't feel like moving anyways.

And don't get me wrong, there's wrong with belting out "Don't Stop Believin' " or snake-dancing to "Welcome to the Jungle" every now and then, but after 20 years, that stuff can get a bit tiring.

Rock on, RadioMilwaukee, and Merry Christmas!

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